Tree Preservation

The health and longevity of trees can be greatly diminished if they are damaged or stressed during construction activity. The most damaging impacts are root loss from soil compaction and severing of the root system. The professionals from Pitchford Associates will identify the best preservation candidates and work with the owners or developers to establish a tree save program that will best insure the long-term health and survivability of these valuable assets.

We are versed in all of the requirements of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act (1991) including tree save plans, NRI/FSD and Forest Conservation Plans.

Some of our Washington, DC area projects include:

  • The Washington National Cathedral
  • U.S. Capitol Grounds
  • White House grounds
  • Dumbarton Oaks
  • Phillips Park residential development
  • 1801 Foxhall Road residential development
  • Tudor Place Historic Home and Garden
  • Congressional Country Club
  • and many residential projects as well