Tree Assessments/Risk Assessments

We are frequently retained by a variety of clients, even including full-service tree care companies, to provide independent assessments of trees.  And, because we have no conflicts of interest, we will provide un-biased and scientifically based opinions to help guide often difficult management decisions.  Our tree assessments are often visual inspections of the rooting zone, root flares, main trunk, scaffold limbs and small limbs.  Our arborists use binoculars to inspect trees from the ground, or if there is a problem high in the tree that needs closer inspection we will use a climber to ascend the tree.

Our risk assessments utilize a resistograph machine in an effort to determine the amount of sound wood, or “shell thickness,” present in the root flare, main trunk, or even on portions of the tree higher in the canopy.  We use this information, along with widely accepted industry guidelines for shell thickness, to help in making tree retention decisions.  Keith Pitchford is an ISA certified tree risk assessor (#922) and, as such, is uniquely qualified to provide these time intensive assessments.