Pitchford Associates offers a wide variety of professional services aimed at providing un-biased and scientifically based advice to help manage your tree resource.  We have many years of experience and with proven results.  We are dedicated to the assessment and preservation of trees on all properties.

  • Phillips Park residential, Washington, DC

    Tree Preservation

    The health and longevity of trees can be greatly diminished if they are damaged or stressed during construction activity. The most damaging impacts are root loss from soil compaction and severing of the root system. The professionals from Pitchford Associates will identify the best preservation candidates and work with…Learn more

  • Tree Inventories/Appraisals

    Tree Inventories/Appraisals

    Pitchford Associates conducts inventories both large and small, and for a variety of clients.  It may be a homeowner association or municipality looking to begin a long-term maintenance program.  Or, a governmental agency conducting a snap shot inventory for a new construction project.  We provide a scientifically based inventory and assessment of your trees and using a variety of inventory software, to set the basis for an efficient tree management program.

    Pitchford Associates can also provide tree appraisals in the event of an insurance claim or legal dispute.  Our appraisals are conducted based upon the guidelines set forth by the…Learn more

  • Tree Assessments/Risk Assessments

    Tree Assessments/Risk Assessments

    We are frequently retained by a variety of clients, even including full-service tree care companies, to provide independent assessments of trees.  And, because we have no conflicts of interest, we will provide un-biased and scientifically based opinions to help guide often difficult management decisions.  Our tree assessments are often visual inspections of the rooting zone, root flares, main trunk, scaffold limbs and small limbs.  Our arborists use binoculars to inspect trees from the ground, or if there is a problem high in the tree that needs closer inspection we will use a climber to ascend the tree.

    Our risk assessments…Learn more

  • Expert Witness Services

    Expert Witness Services

    Keith Pitchford has been accepted as an expert witness in the District of Columbia, Fairfax County, VA, Arlington County, VA, City of Alexandria, Montgomery County, MD and Anne Arundel County, MD.  Mr. Pitchford has many hours of experience as an expert witness, both in cases involving only depositions and also full trial testimony.

  • Root Works

    Root Works

    Rootworks, LLC is a subsidiary of Pitchford Associates, LLC offering a variety of services using our high-pressure air gun, or ‘Air Spade.’  This unique tool utilizes a concentrated stream of air and at significant pressure to blow earth away from tree roots without harming them. 

    We use this tool as a way to uncover roots for examination or to install utility lines without harming the roots.  We also use it for adding soil amendments, undertaking root collar exams of mature trees, and also radial trenching and root pruning.  This is an excellent tool for helping the homeowner, builder or landscape…Learn more

  • Tree risk audits

    Tree risk audits

    As storms become more severe, and with tree failures more prevalent it is important to assess the risk rating of your large trees.  Pitchford Associates offers a tree audit of your larger trees based upon the risk rating guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  These assessments will rate the likelihood of failure of the whole tree, and tree parts that could cause damage to people and property.  Ratings for each tree are provided, and recommendations for mitigation made.  The audit includes a site map and full report.

    Schedule your tree audit before the summer storm season begins.  Pricing…Learn more