Pitchford Associates services a wide variety of clients including homeowners who want an un-biased opinion of their tree care needs, to design professionals including landscape and structural architects, engineers, land developers and builders.  We handle projects of all sizes from multi-unit housing developments to an assessment of a single, highly valuable landscape tree.


  • Homeowners


    Homeowners are often overwhelmed with the information they receive from tree care firms.  The professionals at Pitchford Associates will provide an un-biased opinion of what tree care needs are necessary.  We are not influenced by generating tree work for our crews.  We are only interested in explaining the why’s and how’s of good arboriculture.

    At least 50% of our business is in serving the homeowner with consultations regarding tree health, safety and care.  We can provide homeowners with referrals to area tree care firms with whom we have good working relationships.

    The arborists at Pitchford Associates can save homeowners time and…Learn more

  • Landscape Architects

    Landscape Architects

    Pitchford Associates works most closely with these professionals.  Our disciplines overlap in our love of the landscape and their integration with the built environment.  We work closely with LA’s to chose the right trees for both preservation, and also provide consultations on the right tree for the right location.  Pitchford Associates has been very fortunate to work with some truly talented LA’s from across the country.

    We provide tree inventories, general assessments, risk assessments, insect and disease control and all of the permitting requirements of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act of 1991.

    Some of our clients include:

  • Builders


    Builders need to know how to work around valuable trees and other landscape features, and Pitchford Associates provides this service to them.  We have worked with some of the best known builders in the Washington metropolitan area to incorporate their product into a wooded site, or in close proximity to valuable single specimen trees.

    Our projects include multi-unit developments down to single family home construction, and even home renovation projects.  There is no job too big or small for our services.

    Some of our clients include:

    • BOWA Builders
    • Mauck, Zantzinger & Associates
    • Sandy Spring Builders
    • Otatti Builders
    • Elm Street Development
    • Plumb Square Builders
    • CarrMichael Construction
    • Gibson Builders
    • Pilli Development
    • The Banks…Learn more
  • Engineers


    Engineers can team with Pitchford Associates to produce site plans for a range of land development projects.  Our arborists and foresters are recognized in many counties in the Washington metropolitan area as ‘qualified preparers’ for all aspects of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act (1991).  We provide tree inventories, assessments, appraisals, tree protection plans and natural resource inventories/forest stand delineations.

    Some of our clients include:

    • A. Morton Thomas and Associates
    • Greenhorne and O’mara
    • Macris, Hendricks and Glasscock
    • Witmer Associates
    • Oyster, Imus, Petzold and Associates
    • TerraTech
    • CH2M Hill
    • Bay Engineering, Inc. 
    • Dewberry & Davis, LLC
    • and many more…
  • Structural architects

    Structural architects

    How can we save this tree and yet build our new home or addition?  This is the question we hear most from structural architects.  We can answer that question for both the homeowner and architect.  Architects are truly talented professionals, but their comfort level often ends at the landscape.  In the absence of a landscape architect, or designers input, the arborists at Pitchford Associates will work with architects to model a new home or addition around the mature trees and landscape material.  We have had the pleasure to work with a number of truly brilliant architects in the Washington…Learn more