Structural architects

How can we save this tree and yet build our new home or addition?  This is the question we hear most from structural architects.  We can answer that question for both the homeowner and architect.  Architects are truly talented professionals, but their comfort level often ends at the landscape.  In the absence of a landscape architect, or designers input, the arborists at Pitchford Associates will work with architects to model a new home or addition around the mature trees and landscape material.  We have had the pleasure to work with a number of truly brilliant architects in the Washington metropolitan area including:

  • Barnes Vanze Architects (Washington)
  • Jones & Boer Architects (Washington)
  • Hartman Cox Architecture (Washington)
  • Design Collective, Inc. (Baltimore)
  • Fox Architects (Washington)
  • Outerbridge Horsey & Associates (Washington)
  • Cunningham/Quill Architects (Washington)
  • Muse Architects (Bethesda)
  • Murdoch Architects (Bethesda)
  • and many more…