Landscape Architects

Pitchford Associates works most closely with these professionals.  Our disciplines overlap in our love of the landscape and their integration with the built environment.  We work closely with LA’s to chose the right trees for both preservation, and also provide consultations on the right tree for the right location.  Pitchford Associates has been very fortunate to work with some truly talented LA’s from across the country.

We provide tree inventories, general assessments, risk assessments, insect and disease control and all of the permitting requirements of the Maryland Forest Conservation Act of 1991.

Some of our clients include:

  • Jay Graham and Associates (Annapolis)
  • South Fork Studios (Chesterfield, MD)
  • Lila Fendrick Landscape Architecture (Chevy Chase)
  • DCA Landscape Architecture (Washington)
  • Oehme, van Sweden and Associates (Washington)
  • Peter Walker and Associates (Berkeley, CA)
  • Annapolis Landscape Architects
  • Lee + Papa and Associates (Washington)
  • Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc. (Baltimore)
  • Deborah Schwab Landscape Architecture (Annapolis)
  • and many more…