Homeowners are often overwhelmed with the information they receive from tree care firms.  The professionals at Pitchford Associates will provide an un-biased opinion of what tree care needs are necessary.  We are not influenced by generating tree work for our crews.  We are only interested in explaining the why’s and how’s of good arboriculture.

At least 50% of our business is in serving the homeowner with consultations regarding tree health, safety and care.  We can provide homeowners with referrals to area tree care firms with whom we have good working relationships.

The arborists at Pitchford Associates can save homeowners time and money with our scientifically based insight into tree health and tree care.  We have worked in the tree care business, so we understand the right treatment and can provide a good estimate of anticipated costs.   Tree care companies are prone to selling the homeowner the service they want to provide, and not necessarily what the homeowner needs.  Therefore, we take away all of that confusion by providing our un-biased opinion of what your tree’s really need.  Homeowners can then go to several tree care firms and compare apples to apples.  It’s that simple.